Budget-Friendly Aircon Tips You Can Try This Summer
Budget-Friendly Aircon Tips

How to Stay Cool this Summer Without Sweating Your Budget

Summer has definitely come, and one thing’s for sure: It’s scorching hot outside! With temperatures reaching record highs here in the Philippines, air conditioning units are working extra hard to keep homes cool.

Most of us have remained mostly indoors during the past year. Though it would be nice to head to the beach to cool off, many of us plan to remain indoors during the rest of the summer. We have to find ways to remain comfortable without racking up high electricity bills.

Though air conditioners provide us comfort, they also use a lot of electricity. However, you can keep your home cool and keep using your air conditioner without fearing the monthly energy bill.

Here are some tips and tricks that you can employ so that you can stay cool inside the house while reducing your electricity consumption.

Weatherize Your Home

To “weatherize” means to protect a home and its interior from the outside elements. These include rain, sunlight, and wind. It also means taking steps to reduce energy consumption and optimize energy efficiency.

For example, you may not know it, but you may be letting cool air out of your house. All houses have some cracks and small gaps around windows, doors, windows, outlets, and pipes. These small gaps allow cool air from your air conditioner to flow outside. The energy used by your air conditioner unit becomes wasted due to these air leaks.

You can get some sealant from your local hardware so you can address these air leaks. Begin by sealing big gaps around the door frames. Next, fill in any cracks around the windows. You can use foam insulation spray to cover the gaps around outlets on exterior walls.

Regularly Clean the Aircon Filter

Many homeowners don’t know that one of the simplest ways to improve energy efficiency is to clean out or replace the air conditioner’s filter. During the summer, air filters should be cleaned at least once a month. If not, dust and dirt can accumulate, making your unit work harder just to cool the room or worse lead to ice formation due to improper air circulation.

Use Electric Fans Properly

Fans are simple machines but can be misunderstood by many people. For example, many don’t know that electric fans don’t actually cool the air inside a room. What they actually do is make our skins feel cooler by creating a wind-chill effect.

Instead, electric fans can be used in tandem with air conditioners. Turning an electric fan on right after turning the air conditioner off will prolong the cool feeling brought by the AC. Furthermore, using an air conditioning unit with an energy saving plug will lead to more savings.

Condura Energy Savings Plug

With Condura window type air conditioner line, you can efficiently use your aircon unit and fan without any hassle. The Energy Saving Plug on Condura window type air conditioning units will allow an electric fan that is plugged to the ESP, to turn on automatically, when the aircon shuts off via the timer function.

Know more about Energy Saving Plug here: Diskarteng Pinoy: Save More with Condura Window Type Aircon’s Energy Saving Plug

Dehumidify Your House

Being a tropical country, it can get very humid in the Philippines. However, did you know that the humidity inside your house plays an important role in maintaining the house’s temperature? Humidity is simply water vapor. When there is too much water vapor inside the house, the air begins to feel warm and stuffy. High humidity can also make your air conditioner less efficient.

One way to solve high humidity levels is to use exhaust fans. This tip is crucial, especially for bathrooms and kitchens. Whenever you take a hot shower or cook, the hot water releases vapor into the air, leading to high levels of humidity.

You should also check if there are any water leaks inside your house. You should get water leaks fixed as these contribute to the moisture in the air.

If these don’t help, then the best thing to do is to buy a dehumidifier. This will take out the excess moisture in the air, which leads to a cooler home and a more efficient air conditioning unit.

Block Out the Sun

This one is easy to understand. Whenever sunlight penetrates your home, the temperature immediately increases. Invest in thick blinds or heavy curtains so you can block the sunlight and keep the heat out. You can also opt for tints and other window treatments that block sunlight and UV rays.

You should also check your window screens. Window screens act as an additional shield and provide more shade. However, they are prone to wear and tear as they are constantly exposed to the elements.

Invest in House Plants

Having the right indoor house plants will provide additional shade if placed near windows. Indoor plants also help maintain cooler temperatures as they consume warm air for their natural processes. They also help naturally maintain the right humidity.

The indoor plants that effectively cool the air are Aloe Vera, Palm Trees, Ferns, and Snake Plants. They’re also quite easy to get, some of them can be ordered online.

Now, you have an excuse to be a plantito or plantita.

Don’t be afraid to stay indoors during the summer. You can opt for many ways to stay cool while inside the house. However, one of the best ways to remain comfortable indoors is to get a top-quality air conditioner. We at Condura only seek to provide the best products that suit the needs of Filipinos. With us, you can be sure that great attention to detail will be provided, and that our services will always be filled with malasakit. We do not only want to offer good products and services, but we also seek to provide the best products that suit the needs of Filipinos.

Check out this video to see top-of-the-line aircon units from Condura.

Our drive for excellence, creativity, and innovation is called “Filipinnovation.” When you choose Condura and our range of top-of-the-line units, you also get excellent service with a smile. This is because we uphold Filipino values as we cater to the Filipino people. Find the ideal aircon for you today!

We always make sure to provide you with maximum efficiency and the best cost-effectivity. We also make sure to offer good sales service that is filled with Filipino hospitality and stems from the Pinoy heart.


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