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Plug & Play: Epic Savings with ESP

Every Pinoy dreams of experiencing a greatly reduced electric bill someday. Due to the current price surges, however, that may very well be a dream all throughout. Nonetheless, Filipinos are street-smart when it comes to decreasing their expenses. When it comes to food, the wet market is a more practical choice than the supermarket, when it comes to flu and colds, a more generic brand of medicine would be more affordable than commercialized ones, and when it comes to travels, an early commute would be cheaper than driving your very own car. The thing about cutting corners is that, it definitely helps people to save in the long run. Gone are the days in which your wage would just come and go within a single week, gone are the days in which you’re just managing to make ends meet, gone are the days in which you’d only have enough for your needs, and not your wants.

But buying cheap all the time, while it may have a lot of pros, also has its own cons. There are instances in which availing a much cheaper alternative may result into a low-quality purchase, hence, bringing in more expenses way beyond the budget. This is due to the fact that the strategic way of saving isn’t just influenced by the decision of the person itself, it would also depend on how that person uses his/her available resources. Appliances, for example, tend to consume energy than what was originally promoted, and you may be surprised as to how your electricity bill charges quickly increased without much of your knowledge. Your refrigerator, your television, your computer, and even your air conditioner, especially your air conditioner, all of these consume electricity on a daily basis, and if you’re not careful about your purchases, you may end up with a shocking amount of expenses.

Any worthy recommendations when it comes to air conditioners?

Believe it or not, there is actually one brand which you can rely on, in terms of savings and reduced electricity consumption. Inspired by the Filipino’s needs to save, Condura coordinated a feature in their air conditioners which aims to do just that, none other than the Energy Savings Plug or ESP.

Exactly what is an Energy Savings Plug or ESP?

An Energy Savings Plug is an extension of the air conditioner itself, which can be plugged into a power socket. The ESP alternates electricity usage between aircon and electric fan, which in turn helps in lowering electricity consumption. Basically, it was conceptualized by Condura to work in tandem with the air conditioner’s timer, in order to help the user save on electricity cost without the need to remind them every once in a while. You may ask, “How is this even operated? Would an ESP require a lengthy amount of time to set up?” No need to worry, as it is actually pretty easy to set up, as easy as 1-2-3.

  • Plug your electric fan to the Energy Savings Plug.

  • Set the timer on the Condura air conditioner.

  • When the timer runs out, your fan automatically turns on. The fan would continue to circulate the cool air within the given space, thereby lowering your original power consumption.


It’s like a portable device fixed into your air conditioner plug, which functions as a timer-based electric outlet, which would turn on your fan in between your A/C’s cycles.


Okay, but how much can I actually save by using an ESP?

An online consensus states that:


“When you use your fan in tandem with the air conditioner to cool the home, you end up saving both energy and money in the long run. By raising the setting of the air conditioner a few degrees (the Department of Energy recommends going up by 7°F to 10°F), you can save as much as 10% a year on your utility bill.”


Just think about that. A 10% decrease on your utility bill per year. It may not seem that much at first glance, but remember, you spend thousands of Pesos each year, all on your electricity consumptions, hence, if you were to take that 10%, it would at least be a couple of thousands as well. Nowadays, people are already happy to save a few hundred in their wallets after paying off their dues, so imagine if those savings were to increase to four to five digits. You’d have some amount set aside for emergency expenses and other forms of sudden expenditures.


But that’s not the only situation where you may save money..

Remember, as much as the Philippines is a tropical country, we are also one of the most prone to storms and typhoons. If you were to visualize that, it would definitely refer to heavy rains and windy days. Of course, those are the days in which you may just simply turn off your A/C (and even your electric fan), as there is already enough cold air and wind to cool you off for the whole day.


Theoretically, if ESPs were to be installed in other appliances, would you be able to save more?

The definite answer? Yes! Remember, an ESP functions in a way that it is timer-based, so let’s say that your cellphone charger has an attached ESP in it, even if you were to fall asleep at night, forgetting to unplug your cellphone would not be too bad as the ESP would shut down the charging process, saving you money, in terms of energy consumption. The same thing goes for televisions and radios, as sometimes, after a long day of work, you fall asleep on the couch without turning off your TV. Setting a timer on your plug would at least shut down your appliances at the right time, whether you’re awake or not.


Takeaways and recommendation?

Just two main pointers to remember:

  1. Energy Savings Plug or ESPs are very beneficial for A/C owners to save in the long run. They’d be able to decrease their monthly consumption, therefore, accumulating their monthly savings all the way to 10% by the end of the year.
  2. Condura is a reliable brand which can provide limitless possibilities, innovations, and options to its customers. For more information, you may check out their official website at




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